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BAC Calculator
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The information on this calculator is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Your actual blood alcohol concentration depends on a variety of additional factors, like genetic makeup, personal health, and recent food consumption. These results are rough estimates for an average person only. Do not rely on these results to drive or work. Never drink and drive.

Recent Case Results

Federal Court Case: Client was caught crossing Mexican/USA Boarder with 7.5 Kilograms of heroin. He was charged with two counts, possession and sales/distribution. His base offense level was 36. He was faced with a minimum mandatory of 10 years to life. This case was aggressively litigated and it was ultimately settled. Mr. Archer was able to obtain a final offense level of 22. Client was sentenced to 2.75 years.

State Court Case: Client was charged with six (6) separate felonies. He had served a prior prison term. His exposure to a new prison term was 15. 6 years. Mr. Archer was able to have 3 of the six felonies dropped. Mr. Archer was able to obtain a final disposition for his client consisting of 100 hours of community service and probation. No jail time!

State Court Case: DUI case where the client had 3 prior DUIís. Mr. Archer represented him on his 4th DUI in 10 years. Mr. Archer was able to obtain probation and no Prison or County Jail time.

State Court Case: Client was charged with child endangerment PC 273.5. She was looking at all the standard domestic violence terms and conditions, plus 60 days in county jail. Mr. Archer was able to have it reduced to a PC 415 infraction and a $170.00 fine.

State Court Case: Client had a prior domestic violence charge of PC 273. He was charged with another domestic violence charge with the use of an electronic device. Clientís was a licensed government employee and feared termination. After aggressively representing his client, Mr. Archer was able to have the charge decreased to a PC 415 Infraction and a small fine.

State Court Case: Clients were charged with felony battery 243 (e) (1) with GBI (Great Bodily Injury). Clients were offered a 3 year prison term. Clients were from Canada and were worried about prison and immigration if they were convicted of a felony. After successfully litigating this case, Mr. Archer on the day of trial was able to obtain a Misdemeanor for his clients and no county jail.

State Court Case: Client was charged with DUI that resulted in causing a death under the vehicle code. He also was facing an enhancement of 5 years for leaving the scene of the accident. Client hired his first lawyer and was told there was nothing that could be done the charges were severe and he will need to plead to the sheet. Mr. Archer was hired and told client he could help him. Mr. Archer litigated this case for approximately 18 months. Client was facing a 17 year prison term. Mr. Archer with the help of very able and professional prosecutors and very fair Judge were able to obtain a disposition in this case. Client was sentenced to a term of 7 years and is eligible to be released in 3.5 years.

State Court Case: Client had prior drug conviction and served prior prison term. He was deported and returned and was charged with 5 more drug related felonies. He was looking at a prison term of 12 years. Mr. Archer was able to have 4 felonies dismissed. Mr. Archer was able to get client probation whereby he had to do 180 days in County Jail.

State Court Case: Client was charged with domestic violence PC 273. Mr. Archer was able to get matter reduced to an infraction and the CPO dismissed.

Recent DUI Case Results:

  • Third time DUI client with injury accident and no insurance received no jail time and probation.
  • Third time DUI client received probation and no jail time.
  • Second time DUI client with high BAC received probation and no jail time
  • First time DUI with BAC of .11 received wet wreckless instead of DUI
  • First time DUI with BAC of .10 dismissed
  • Client was charged with DUI and had a BAC of .11 PAS and allegedly failed his FSTís. After attacking the validity of the FSTís and the probable cause for the stop, the final disposition resulted in a plea to a Dry reckless. (Fees are significantly reduced from a DUI, no probation and no alcohol classes and your insurance rates not significantly increased like they are with a DUI)
  • Client was arrested for DUI. Prior to attaining Archer & Associates, he failed to appear and a warrant was issued for his arrest. More than one year elapsed before retaining our firm. Client had a .09 BAC, Failure to Appear and a Warrant for his arrest. Archer & Associates was able to vacate the warrant and reach a disposition for a plea to a Dry Reckless.
  • Client was charged with 3rd time DUI with high BAC (.15+). He also was charged with a violation of probation and driving on a suspended license and no insurance. Client was offered 1 yr in state prison by handling D.A. After extensive negotiations, the violation of probation was dismissed along with driving on a suspended license and driving without insurance. Client received a term of probation of 180 days and was able to serve his sentence by electronic monitoring/home arrest. Client was able to go to work and live a normal life while serving his sentence.
  • Client was arrested for DUI. Client allegedly failed FSTís and had a PAS BAC of .10. Probable cause for the stop was good and clientís admission as to having a couple of drinks was made to the officer. Archer& Associates was able to obtain a wet reckless for its client.
  • While client was represented by Archer & Associates for a 2nd DUI, client received a 3rd DUI. Not good! Client was driving on a suspended license when the 3rd DUI occurred. Client had to post a $5,000.00 bail. Client was facing a state prison term. Archer & Associates received a combined disposition in this matter and its client received a term of probation not a prison term. Actual term served was 90 days instead of a 1 yr prison term.

Recent Drug Charges Case Results

  • Client was arrested for 3 counts of Sales and 3 counts of Possession of a controlled substance. Originally offer from D.A. was 3 yrs state prison. After extensive negotiations, all but one counts were dismissed leaving a possession charge. After obtaining a pre-sentencing report from probation, and arguing for probation at the sentencing hearing, Archer & Associates was able to obtain a term of probation and client was able to serve his 90 day term by electronic monitoring.
  • Client was arrested for grand theft auto, possession of meth and sales. At the time he was arrested, he had a pending case for possession of meth. Prior to retaining Archer & Associates, he had jumped bail and skipped his trial in Orange County. Based on his charges and his jumping bail our client was looking at a prison term of a minimum of 6 yrs. The time between jumping bail and retaining our firm was approximately 4 years. Archer & Associates worked on this case for more than a year and a half. After moving to consolidate our clientís cases, each from different judicial districts, we were able to obtain a final disposition of Probation where by our client is to serve 90 days county jail.
  • Client was charged with possession of meth (more than 1 lb) and sales. When his home was searched, they found scales and more than 20,000.00 in cash. All monies were deemed drug money and were seized. Archer & Associates was retained to obtain monies from authorities. Our office was able to obtain $12,000.00 from the authorities on behalf of our client.
  • Client was arrested after being subject to an ATF and DEA sting operation with confidential informants and audio and video surveillance. Client was charged with several possession and sales charges along with 6 separate special allegations for P.C. 186. 22 Gang Affiliation. Client was looking at a minimum of 25 years should he be found guilty on all charges and given midterm treatment. After filing a successful motion to suppress and a 995 motion, Archer & Associates were able to have all P.C. 186.22 dropped along with all but one sales count. Client was given a 2 year prison term wherein he will serve only one year with good time.
  • Client was arrested for 3 counts of sales and possession. He was also charged with P.C. 186.22. Gang Affiliation. Client was looking at a 4 year prison term. Final disposition achieved by Archer & Associates was able to dismiss 2 felony counts (sales/possession) and reduce felony P.C. 186.22 to a misdemeanor. Client received a term of 180 days county jail which client will serve 90 days with good time credits.
  • Client was under investigation by ATF and local authorities. Confidential informant was used to invite client to a party and give him an opaque jar filled with contraband. Client leaves party with jar placed in his vehicle between the front seats. Client is pulled over for not having a front license plate. Client was charged with possession and sales after ATF found heroin and meth individually packaged. Client was facing a 10 year prison term. Archer & Associates was retained and drafted a 1538 suppression motion. Our firm was able to convince the D.A.ís office that there was insufficient probable cause for the vehicle stop since there was an impossibility that the agent was able to establish there was no front license plate since his report showed they never over took the suspectsí vehicle to view the front end needed to establish there was not a license plate. Final disposition was 5 felonies dropped, client pled to one count of possession, 3 year summary probation, no jail time.
  • Client on probation for drug possession with search terms is contacted by law enforcement for alleged stolen property. Officers search house and find stolen t.v.ís and a quarter ounce of meth. Client is charged with possession and sales, violation of probation, and in receipt of stolen property. Client is offered a 3 year prison term plea deal. Client is ready to sign plea deal but is told to contact Archer & Associates. Our firm was retained and immediately set up a meeting with handling D.A. and supervisor. We negotiated a plea to possession only and client was given 180 days county jail. Electronic monitoring was an option, but client wanted to serve straight time. We informed client there was a good opportunity to be released early for overcrowding (fed kick). Client served a total of 19 days.

Recent Domestic Violence Case Results

Our client was arrested by police based on a domestic violence allegation where there were injuries involved and blood on the floor.  Our client had no prior history of domestic violence and no prior criminal record. He was arrested and charged with two felony counts of 273.5. and a potential prison term of 4-6 years.  The district attorney’s office was unyielding in its determination to prosecute our client.

Result: the case proceeded to preliminary hearing and Mr. Archer was able to convince the court that a crime had not been committed after cross examining the alleged victim and both charges were dismissed. D.A.’s Office decided not to re-file.

Recent Assault And Battery Case Results

  • Client with two previous strikes was involved in a fist fight with two other individuals.  Client was alleged to have caused significant injuries to the two combatants. GBI enhancements were added to the 2 counts of 243 (d). At the time of the altercation, client had 2 strikes and had served a prison term. Client was looking at 2 more felony charges each with strike allegations giving him a total of 4strikes.
  • Client was looking at possible life sentence if convicted.  Final disposition: 180 days straight time county jail and 4 years probation.
  • Bar manager was charged with P.C. 245 (a)(1), a felony, with GBI (Great Bodily Injury) for allegedly hitting a drunken patron over the head with a glass severely lacerating the patronís head. The prosecution was offering a five (5) year prison term. After extensive investigation and several witness declarations obtained by our office we were able to have the felony charge dismissed and the GBI enhancement withdrawn. Final Disposition: client plead to one (1) misdemeanor count of 245 (a)(1) and received summary probation. No Jail!
  • Stepson was alleged to have attacked stepfather over a domestic dispute. Stepfather wanted stepson prosecuted. Charges were filed: P.C. 243(e)(1), a misdemeanor. Our office was able to obtain a final disposition of the case for an INFRACTION. No Jail, no 52 week anger management program and no probation! Only a $100.00 fine.
  • Husband and wife while driving allegedly were engaged in a physical altercation. Both pressed charges against the other. D.A. filed misdemeanor battery charges on both parties. Our office was able to have the case DISMISSED against our client.
  • Client was charged with striking a combatant in the head at a party with a beer bottle. When the police arrived, they used a stun gun twice to stop our client from continuing on with the altercation. Our client was charged with P.C. 245(a)(1) w/ GBI and P.C. 148 (a)(1). Our office obtained a final disposition for a 245 misdemeanor and summary probation. No Jail!
  • Client was riding his dirt bike when he was approached by undercover peace offices and told to pull over and stop. Client allegedly did not heed his order. A chase ensued whereby the peace office crashed his dirt bike into our clientís dirt bike causing them both to crash and fall to the ground. Our client got back on his bike and a second chase ensued. More than 3 peace officer vehicles were involved in the chase which lasted approximately 20 minutes. Our client got stuck in the mud and his dirt bike stalled. He was charged with multiple counts of felony P.C. 148, trespass, driving a dirt bike in an unsafe manner and on public roads without a license. Final Disposition: One misdemeanor count of P.C. 148. Four other counts were dismissed. No Jail!




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