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I am so glad I went with Archer& Associates. They handled my case from the beginning to the very end. They were very professional and explained the process to me and alleviated my fears. When we would go to court, Mr. Archer was always there first. Each court appearance he would again explain what needed to be done and then he would get it done. I am very pleased with the final outcome.
Jody M.

Thank god for Mr. Archer and his law firm Archer & Associates. I owe him so much. I contacted Archer & Associates after being pressured to agree to a 3 year prison term. He agreed to help me and boy did he. He took over my case and took charge. He immediately set up a meeting with the D.A. handling the case and ended up with a completely different deal than what had been pushed on me for the past 3 months. I ended up serving a total of 21 days in county. Mr. Archer truly saved me from a 3 yr. prison term.
Steven F.

After calling around and receiving promises from several local attorneys as to what they were going to do for me, I contacted Archer & Associates. They were very professional and actually took the time to listen to me chatter on about my case. No false promises were made. I scheduled a meeting to chat some more with Mr. Archer. I arrived on time and Mr. Archer took me immediately. Wow what a shock! He remembered what I had told him several days before like I was one of his clients. He listened again to me and then smiled and said I can help you. And I remember what he said next: You pay me to worry about your case, and I am not worried. I felt so relieved!
Chris C.

I went to Archer & Associates because I was referred by a friend. My friend told me to make sure I tell Mr. Archer everything. He said donít lie, he will know. After Mr. Archer heard my whole story he said he could help me. I was looking at a two felony counts, one for sales one for possession. Mr. Archer was able to settle my case for a term of probation. I received 90 days of home arrest. I learned my lesson and have not received a speeding ticket since.
David H.

Do yourself a favor and hire Mr. Archer and his firm to handle your case. He cares about you and your case! He is obsessed with getting the best results possible. I thought we had a great offer on my case, but Mr. Archer told me to relax, he can fine tune it even better. And he did! No prison term which I was expecting. Instead I received probation. What a relief!
Tony F.

I was charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors when I was riding my dirt bike and was being chased by law enforcement. I hired Mr. Archer and his firm Archer & Associates to represent me. I was very scared. I am a well known local business person and was in jeopardy of losing my business if I was sent to prison. Mr. Archer appeared at all my court hearings and assured me everything would be all right. Easy to say, but hard to make happen. But Mr. Archer made good on his promise! How he did it is still baffling. I received one misdemeanor and summary probation. Wow!
Henry R.

I was charged with attempted murder. No one would believe my story of self defense. I met Mr. Archer through a friend and he listened to me and believed in my case. He sent out his investigators and personally spoke with several witnesses. He was able to convince the lead D.A. to drop the case since it truly was self-defense. I can never pay Mr. Archer was he is truly worth.
Richard M.

I was involved in alleged domestic violence incident. I was arrested and charged with two felonies. I found Mr. Archer in the phone book after looking through all the ads. Mr. Archerís ad jumped out at me. He looked like a very intense and serious attorney. I met with him and he is the person you see in the ad, but he smiles more in person. I hired him on the spot! He was a god send! Every time I would get depressed over my case I would schedule a meeting with Mr. Archer. We would discuss my case and by the time I left his office, I felt great. I could see that he really cares about his clients and the results he obtains. The D.A. was pushing for felonies and Mr. Archer was not having any of that. We went to preliminary hearing on two felony counts. Mr. Archer won at preliminary hearing and both charges were DISMISSED. Oh my God!
Guido P.

My wife was charged with3rd time DUI. We were referred to Archer & Associates where we met with Mr. Archer and his staff. We were very scared. Mr. Archer met with us for a very long time and listened to us for over an hour. He took our case and was at every court appearance. He explained everything to us and we knew what to expect. There were no surprises except for the results. My wife was placed on probation and home arrest. She was able to continue to work and be there for me and the kids. Thank you so much for all that you were able to do for our family.
Randy J.

After interviewing several attorneys and going to their offices, I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the office at Archer & Associates. It was beautiful and professionally decorated. There was such an air of confidence and professionalism at their office. I was even offered Pellegrino and Voss water. I thought I was at the Ritz Carlton, not a law office. When you walk down the travertine hallway, you think you are in an art gallery. I was taken immediately into the conference room and within a minute Mr. Archer appeared. He knew my name and was familiar with the facts of my case. I knew from all of this, this was the firm I was going to retain. Mr. Archer obtained an excellent result for me. I cannot thank him enough!
Lisa R.

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